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Casanova Rose by Moonlight-The-Wolf Casanova Rose by Moonlight-The-Wolf
A request for :icondanielcoffey: To go in the cover of a Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun from Skyrim.

Based on [link]

The book it is going on is a "Casanova Guide" for that town so the red stem rose is very appropriate for the content. The falling petals fit too - loss of virtue or reputation, the transient nature of the "love" the author offered. The golden heart shaped ribbon tied loosely around the rose symbolizing a short loose love that looks good for a short time.
DanielCoffey Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
Many thanks for creating this piece of art for me to use in the Book Covers Skyrim mod. As I said in my reply to your message - I think you have hit the spot with the ribbon.

For Mikael the Bard, it is not the having, it is the getting and while his methods are dubious to say the least, he does pursue his hobby with great enthusiasm. H doesn't take rejection well, however. "Carlotta put you up to this, didn't she? Well that fiery widow is mine... she just doesn't know it yet.."

Here is the link to a view of the completed book cover in Skyrim... [link]
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July 14, 2013
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